Constitution Day September 18, 2017

Admission Director, Melanie Holmes, invited her dad  into our Academy to help us celebrate Constitution Day.  Mr Carl Mann is a WWII Veteran and carries with him a wealth of life experience and knowledge. Mr Mann retired at the age of 91 and is the father of 7 children, 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  Since his retirement, he has made himself available to area high schools and other organizations to talk about the importance of upholding our constitution and its origins.  Mr Mann emphasizes how lucky we are in the United States to enjoy the Freedom that so many have fought for and continue to fight for.  He witnessed first hand the atrocities that Nazi Germany imposed on millions of Jews and other Europeans.  Mr Mann also witnessed first hand what freedom looks like on the faces of those that were freed by the American troops that he served with.  Mr Mann is very passionate about preserving our freedoms that we enjoy and exercising our rights as US citizens to vote and make informed decisions when casting those votes.

TSPA staff and students want to thank Mr Mann for sharing his wisdom and experiences with us on Constitution Day and look forward to having him join us again next year.