2017 Career Fair Winners!

TSPA Evansville celebrated it’s 9th Career Fair on June 26, 2017.  It was a huge success with 42 salon professionals that represented 19 salon/spas that came to recruit our students and judge our student runway competition. We had 5 categories in our competition, Cosmetology Glamour-1st Place Sidney Adrens and 2nd Place Shelby O’Bryan, Cosmetology Fantasy-1st Place Alexis Myers and 2nd Place Jillian Schirtzinger, Cosmetology Makeup- 1st Place Jessican Auten and 2nd Place Jasmine Clement-Fakes, Esthetics Glamour Makeup-1st Place Brianne Updike and 2nd Place Leah Ashby, and Esthetics Fantasy Makeup-1st Place Jessica Sapp and 2nd Place Claudia Stremme.  Congratulations to all our winners and runners up!

Thank you to all of the Salon/Spa Professionals who came to show their support for our Academy and students!

Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.


Happy 10 Year Anniversary!


July 9th will mark the 10 year anniversary for TSPA Evansville.  We will kick off our celebration with our annual Career Fair on June 26th.  During the month of July, we will be running specials every week that will be posted on our facebook @TSPAEvansville. Some could be BIG!! See you in July!!