Brunette hair can have a Pop of Color too! Weave in some pastel shades without straying from your brown haircolor with this peekaboo look. The pastel-colored strands are strategically placed throughout your hair so they peek through as your hair moves. You can try any color you like, including the blues and purples you see here.


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Beauty Changes Lives/Kaleigh Prow





One of our TSPA Graduates, Kaleigh Prow, received an incredible opportunity that we will share with you in her words.

My career started at TSPA  Evansville in 2016, where I graduated as the first full time cosmetology 4A stylist in the history of the school. After graduation, I immediately started at Imagine Hair Design in Newburgh, IN in 2017. After 3 months, unannounced to me, my former educators nominated me to become one of Redken’s Next Generation Artists.  A few months later, I found out that I was chosen, along with 4 other girls from around the US to attend Beauty Changes Lives  in Chicago, a fundraiser event, which coincided with  Ameriaca’s Beauty Show. It was as amazing experience.  I got to work beside very talented Redken artists

Day 1: When I arrived in Chicago, we had a team meeting with the entire Redken team. I got to meet Sam Villa, Chris Baran, Casandra McGlaughlin, Justin Isaac, and so many more talented artists. I thought, “This isn’t really happening; someone pinch me and wake me up from this dream!” The first day of the America’s Beauty Award Show, I was so nervous. I didn’t know anyone and being surrounded by so many well-known people had me a little on edge. The entire day, the Redken artists made sure to explain everything that was going on and to include us every step of the way. After the day was done, Sam and Justin told us how grateful they were for our help and invited us to go to dinner with them. I was taken aback at how humble they were.

Day 2: I got to work with Chris Baran, Rebecca Taylor and Cassandra McGlaughlin. Chris taught me so so much. He informed me on how to become a Redken artist and the story behind Redken and what they believe in. I was sold. This group was more than just talented individuals, they were a family. They helped each other with anything and everything.

Event day: Chris Baran explained what we were doing and how Redken decided to do something different than everyone else. All the other beauty product brands choose one next generation artist and had them work on a model the entire weekend whereas Redken wanted to truly change lives. They chose to pick 5 recent  TSPA graduates (cosmetologist) so they could spend the weekend working with and learning from the other Redken artists. Since we didn’t have models to walk down the runway, they wanted us to be the focus. We got our makeup done, Chris did our hair, and we got interviewed by Modern Salon magazine. Right before the show started, we got to meet the executives of Redken. It was such an honor to be able to converse with them.

Time to walk: First off, we all felt like a million bucks. When it was our time to go out, the audience watched a slideshow explaining how we were doing things differently. They got to learn about each one of us and then we all walked out and everyone was shouting and clapping for us. I almost cried on stage from how amazing that feeling was. After it was over, all the beauty brands got to go on stage together for the final bow. We did it! It was so cool to see all the different beauty brands with their models. As we were leaving, we were talking about the highlights and someone mentioned how when it was our time to walk, one of the Redken executives said, “End the show now, that was perfect.”  I couldn’t believe it. It was the perfect weekend with the most perfect team I could have asked to work with. I’m so thankful for the people who nominated me and believed that I deserved this. I’ll never forget that weekend and I plan to use everything I learned from all of them to one day be able to work beside them.

What an adventure my decision to become a hairdresser has taken me on. This year alone, I have traveled to New York City to train at the Redken Exchange on 5th Ave, to Las Vegas for the Redken Symposium, and to Chicago for America’s Beauty Show and  Beauty Changes lives event. I never knew where this industry would or could take me, and I am even more excited to see where I will go.

Kaleigh Prow

Imagine Hair Designs