Nail School: A Future That’s Nail Tastic!

Nail art is trendier than ever and people are willing to pay the price to have their nails look and feel their best. Keep reading for a closer look at nail school requirements to enter the quickly growing cosmetology and esthetics industry. 

What You’ll Learn in Cosmetology and Nail School

The Salon Professional Academy of Evansville, Indiana provides a comprehensive manicurist education. You’ll learn industry-disrupting techniques for natural nail care, manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, nail art, and nail sculpting. 

Natural Nail Care

You will grasp the cellular understanding of nails by learning the chemistry of human nails. This will empower you to understand how to naturally take care of nails. It will also provide you with the foundation of knowledge when combining artificial nail products to understand their chemical interaction with nails. 

In our nail tech classrooms will teach you how to follow proper sanitation, the most important tools for a nail tech and how to use them, and innovative natural care products to use on clients.

Manicure Art

We have the most up-to-date state-of-the-art equipment. We want you to learn traditional industry techniques and how to use the latest mani/pedi technology.

Running a Boss Business

Even if you are the most talented nail artist in the world you won’t succeed without business acumen. At TSPA, we provide a critical understanding of business and marketing skills for a well-rounded education. This will set you apart from your peers and enable you to grow your business rapidly in this booming industry

Let’s Get Technical

As much fun as you’ll have in nail technician school, there are still requirements. Keep reading for the very important details. 

Time Commitment

In just 450 hours you’ll complete your nail certification training. Your 450 hours of classroom nail tech training will last for 23 weeks.

The class will be divided over three days for a total of 20 classroom hours weekly. This is a part-time education, so you can continue working as needed!

Our next session opens on October 25th, 2022, and we still have some spots waiting especially for you!

Indiana Nail Tech Training Requirements

In order to become a certified nail technician, you must pass the Indiana state board exam. Passing will enable you to practice in Indiana. You can also practice in any state with equal or lesser requirements than Indiana.

Your license must be renewed every four years.  

No Money, No Problem

Don’t let money stop you from reaching your #nailgoals! Check out the financial support options below. 

OPI, Morgan, and Beauty Changes lives all offer education scholarships to aspiring nail technicians. You can also consider FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Is Nail School for You?

Nail school is a great career option if you want to be your own boss, stay creative, and add more beauty to the world.

The satisfaction of customers celebrating with happy, healthy nails is a dream come true. Contact us with all your questions and we’re happy to help you decide if nail school is right for you!

Driving Ambition – Beauty School Student Contests

Did you know the market size of the hair salon industry is expected to grow by 16.9% in 2022? 

 If you have been wondering, “Is a cosmetology career right for me?”, this might be the time to look more seriously at beginning your education. Exciting things are happening in the cosmetology world such as contests where you can let your personality shine. Keep reading for information on how you can get involved.

Is a Cosmetology Career Right for Me?

Going to school is a big investment both in time and finances. How will you know if cosmetology will be a good fit, especially if you are an uber-creative, competitive, free-spirited person? Here are a few things to think about as you consider.

Contests to Take Part In

One way to show your uniqueness and creativity is to take part in student competitions. This can be especially fun if you enjoy the art and craft of cosmetology.

 There are numerous contests around the country that students can take part in to display their talent and individuality. Both Redken & L’Oréal offer contests, but the most recognized contest in the country is the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) competition. 

 Creators to Learn From

Many schools also bring in nationally known hair artists to teach workshops and new techniques the industry is adopting. 

How Do I Find the Right School for Me?

Now that you have an idea if cosmetology might be a fit for you, how do you go about finding the right school? There are many things to think through, but here are a few top considerations.

Great Training

The top or best cosmetology schools will offer classes you are interested in as well as hands-on training. Look for schools that also offer advanced training, if possible. Advanced training will often come from vendors, platform artists, or other industry renown stylists.

Great Atmosphere

Top beauty schools will also have a professional atmosphere that feels very much like a salon. This will help you to begin to feel comfortable in a salon space working with clients. It will also help you to build confidence in the work you are getting ready to do.

Are You Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?

If these things resonate with you, you no longer need to wonder “is a cosmetology career right for me?”,  now is the time to start your education. Look for a school that will provide you with great training and an atmosphere that also allows your personality to shine through. And don’t be afraid to let your competitive spirit break free by taking part in all the contests available to students. Contact us for more information or to get started today.