Covid-19 Update 6-1-20

Dear Valued Guests,

We have opened up our student schedules for limited appointments.  They will only be servicing 2 guests per day so please make your appointments now. We are only seeing guests by appointment so no walk-ins at this time.  We ask that you wear a face covering whenever possible and we are continuing to practice social distancing when possible and all of the sanitation requirements that we have always been practicing per our state laws.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for our students and their education.

Robin Halter-Director/Owner


Covid-19 Update 4-29-20

Dear Students, Staff and Guests,

We are waiting for the updated executive orders from our Governor (Indiana) to determine an opening date.  When the executive orders allow for us to open, we will first bring our students into the building with strict distancing guidelines and a strict sanitation regimen. We will NOT be taking Guests Services for at a minimum of one week after opening to our students. We will need time to acclimate to our new way of conducting business. We are in the process of setting up our Academy with extra precautionary measures which will include dividers between our stations in the Salon Training Area along with rearranging our classrooms to allow for distance between students and we have enhanced our already rigorous sanitation measures.

We will be conducting temperature check with an infrared thermometer at point of entry into the building for everyone.  Anyone with a temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed entrance into the building.

Everyone entering our building will be need to be screened with these questions and may be asked to leave based off of the answers.

  • Do you have  fever, shortness of breath or a cough?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?
  • Have you come into contact with any known Covid-19 positive case within the last 14 days?

We are thankful for all of our students and staff that have participated in our Temporary Distance Learning and we appreciate everyone’s patience and support during these unprecedented time.  We will be so relieved and excited to get everyone back in the building to continue on with our amazing education!  We’ve missed you!!! Stay safe!


Robin Halter



Knowledge is Power! New Law in California. Stay informed!

TSPA Student Life

Things to come……..Knowledge is power!

New Booth Rental Law in
California. Are you compliant?
In California, the ability to have booth renters in your spa or salon is getting more difficult. With the implementation of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), the definition of “Booth Renter” has become much more specific. AB 5 applies to all businesses in all industries; however, it contains specific elements that relate only to salons. If booth renters do not meet the required criteria, spa and salon owners are at risk of steep fines for employee misclassification these workers.
Although AB 5 is in California, there is a good chance that other states will adopt these standards. Independent Contractors (IC) fall under this as well. Many of these are like the IRS’s definition of an IC . Here is a link to the IRS definition; What are some of the rules for being an IC?
IC’s must obtain their own, separate local and state business license
An IC must have their own professional licenses and permits required of their specific practice or profession.
IC’s must have “the ability to set or negotiate their own rates for the services performed”
They must be able to set their own work hours.
IC’s can perform the “same type of work” and contract with other businesses.
But, in addition to the definition of and IC, AB5 goes further and more clearly defines what a valid “Booth Renter” is.
The Booth Renter must set their own rates.
Booth Renters must be paid directly by clients.
They must process their own payments
Booth Renters must set their own hours of work.
They have sole discretion to decide the number of clients they will see.
They have sole discretion over which clients they will perform services for.
Booth Renters must schedule their own appointments.
Booth Renters provide the spa or salon owner a Form 1099
So, be diligent. In order to maintain IC’s and booth renters in your business, make sure that you (and they) follow the rules and meet the criteria. If not, you be fined. The IRS will be eager to come after you as well. Employee misclassification is a big deal. The IRS will look to assess penalties and interest on what they consider delinquent payroll if it is deemed that your IC’s and Booth Renters should have been classified as employees.
As always, we’re around to help. The first call is always free.
Be well,
Monte Zwang
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We look forward to hearing from you.
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Brunette hair can have a Pop of Color too! Weave in some pastel shades without straying from your brown haircolor with this peekaboo look. The pastel-colored strands are strategically placed throughout your hair so they peek through as your hair moves. You can try any color you like, including the blues and purples you see here.


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Beauty Changes Lives/Kaleigh Prow





One of our TSPA Graduates, Kaleigh Prow, received an incredible opportunity that we will share with you in her words.

My career started at TSPA  Evansville in 2016, where I graduated as the first full time cosmetology 4A stylist in the history of the school. After graduation, I immediately started at Imagine Hair Design in Newburgh, IN in 2017. After 3 months, unannounced to me, my former educators nominated me to become one of Redken’s Next Generation Artists.  A few months later, I found out that I was chosen, along with 4 other girls from around the US to attend Beauty Changes Lives  in Chicago, a fundraiser event, which coincided with  Ameriaca’s Beauty Show. It was as amazing experience.  I got to work beside very talented Redken artists

Day 1: When I arrived in Chicago, we had a team meeting with the entire Redken team. I got to meet Sam Villa, Chris Baran, Casandra McGlaughlin, Justin Isaac, and so many more talented artists. I thought, “This isn’t really happening; someone pinch me and wake me up from this dream!” The first day of the America’s Beauty Award Show, I was so nervous. I didn’t know anyone and being surrounded by so many well-known people had me a little on edge. The entire day, the Redken artists made sure to explain everything that was going on and to include us every step of the way. After the day was done, Sam and Justin told us how grateful they were for our help and invited us to go to dinner with them. I was taken aback at how humble they were.

Day 2: I got to work with Chris Baran, Rebecca Taylor and Cassandra McGlaughlin. Chris taught me so so much. He informed me on how to become a Redken artist and the story behind Redken and what they believe in. I was sold. This group was more than just talented individuals, they were a family. They helped each other with anything and everything.

Event day: Chris Baran explained what we were doing and how Redken decided to do something different than everyone else. All the other beauty product brands choose one next generation artist and had them work on a model the entire weekend whereas Redken wanted to truly change lives. They chose to pick 5 recent  TSPA graduates (cosmetologist) so they could spend the weekend working with and learning from the other Redken artists. Since we didn’t have models to walk down the runway, they wanted us to be the focus. We got our makeup done, Chris did our hair, and we got interviewed by Modern Salon magazine. Right before the show started, we got to meet the executives of Redken. It was such an honor to be able to converse with them.

Time to walk: First off, we all felt like a million bucks. When it was our time to go out, the audience watched a slideshow explaining how we were doing things differently. They got to learn about each one of us and then we all walked out and everyone was shouting and clapping for us. I almost cried on stage from how amazing that feeling was. After it was over, all the beauty brands got to go on stage together for the final bow. We did it! It was so cool to see all the different beauty brands with their models. As we were leaving, we were talking about the highlights and someone mentioned how when it was our time to walk, one of the Redken executives said, “End the show now, that was perfect.”  I couldn’t believe it. It was the perfect weekend with the most perfect team I could have asked to work with. I’m so thankful for the people who nominated me and believed that I deserved this. I’ll never forget that weekend and I plan to use everything I learned from all of them to one day be able to work beside them.

What an adventure my decision to become a hairdresser has taken me on. This year alone, I have traveled to New York City to train at the Redken Exchange on 5th Ave, to Las Vegas for the Redken Symposium, and to Chicago for America’s Beauty Show and  Beauty Changes lives event. I never knew where this industry would or could take me, and I am even more excited to see where I will go.

Kaleigh Prow

Imagine Hair Designs






Where Are They Now? Claire Boyd (Collins)

Claire Boyd (Collins) graduated from our Academy in December of 2008.  She works behind the chair in Santa Claus, IN at Lori’s Day Spa & Electric Beach and is a Regional Education Manager for Sexy Hair.  She is also a wife and a mother of 5. We caught up with Claire when she came into our Academy last month and shared her knowledge and talent with our students during our Jump celebration. We are so proud of Claire’s accomplishments and happy to call her “family” at TSPA Evansville.
Why Cosmetology school?
There was never any other option for me.  At the age of 11 I knew my career path was going to be the beauty industry!
How did attending TSPA impact your career?
TSPA was the best decision I made in order to set myself up for success in this industry.  It is amazing the time they put into the small details all the way up to the details of our income that truly prepared me for what was to come. 
What cool things have you experienced as a hairstylist?
The cool things I have experienced are countless.  I love that my guests trust me enough to let me know very personal things about their lives, I’ve had women tell me they are pregnant before they tell their family.  I think it is so cool that I can remain in Santa Claus, Indiana, working in a 3 person salon, building relationships with my guests and building my books, but still get to travel the world educating fellow stylists who have the same passion I have.  I love getting the opportunity to work on stage at hair shows across the US working with all walks of life!  But the coolest thing is working for Sexy Hair, I have friends worldwide, I get to stay on top of the latest trends, with the best hands on training I could imagine!
When people say, You cant make money as a hairstylist, what do you tell them?
When people say there isn’t money to be made in hair, I laugh at them!  I agree that the first year or so is challenging, but once you get those solid guests who love you and share their love for you, its only up hill from there!  Also, with all of the social media platforms, stylists options are endless when it comes to income!  As I stated earlier, because of Sexy Hair, I have friends worldwide, I have friends in small towns making $75,000 and friends in huge cities make $400,000.  My biggest inspiration is a woman who owns a salon in Savannah, she no longer works behind the chair, instead she runs a high end salon that brings in over $1 million per year!
How has the beauty industry impacted your life?
The beauty industry has impacted my life in so many ways!  I have learned so much about myself through the people I have worked with over the years.  I have friends from all walks of life and experiences that I would have never had if it weren’t for this industry.  I have a career that I am SO excited to go to each day, I have the flexibility to take off for my kids field trips and games AND I make enough money to have a full retirement fund so I can retire at 57 and still be able to travel the world!  The impact this career has made through and through is next to none!
What advice would you give to someone thinking about cosmetology school?
I would tell someone who is thinking about cosmetology school to take the leap.  The secret about the hair industry is your personality, if you can relate to people, make them feel special, remember important details from their last visit and be honest with them… the hair doesn’t have to be perfect.  It is truly in the way you make people feel.  I would also say it is not a hobby, it is a career… a career that can take you to places you never thought possible!

Where Are They Now? Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller graduated from our Academy in November 2008 with a license in Cosmetology. We recently reached out to Kyle because we knew he was doing some amazing things in this industry and we asked him a few questions:
1.) Why Cosmetology school?
It was curiosity that lead me to cosmetology school. I was in college to become an art teacher. Job opportunities are hard to come by in that field. So, decided to look at other options. Almost 10 years later, I could not have picked a better career to fall in love with and be so passionate about. I have no idea what I’d be doing if I hadn’t gone to cosmetology school. Best decision ever.
2.) How did attending TSPA impact your career?
TSPA gave me a really good foundation for my career as a cosmetologist. The educators are very knowledgeable and willing to help however they can. I also use a lot of the same goal tracking I learned in school to keep my business successful.
3.) What cool things have you experienced as a hairstylist?
Oh wow, so many cool things. First, every day behind the chair, connecting with people and making them look and feel their best. I’ve traveled and worked for I am also an educator for the beauty brand Joico. I travel to work hair shows and to educate other stylists. Most recently, I was in the Dominican Republic for Joico’s Destination Education 2018. I was able to meet and work with some of the industry’s top artists! Another cool part of this industry is the people you meet. Whether it’s clients or fellow stylists, we’re all one, big family!
4.) When people say, You cant make money as a hairstylist, what do you tell them?
I feel like when you’re passionate about something, you do what you can to make it work. The beauty industry has changed so much in a positive way, even since I first started out. I think people are starting to show a little more respect for hairstylists. Which is amazing because I feel like hairstylists are so underrated. We’re just like everyone else, trying to make it in the world, raising kids, running businesses, etc. I mean, how many single, under thirty-five, stylists do you know that own their own home and a small business?
5.) How has the beauty industry impacted your life?
This industry has impacted me in the best way possible. I’ve met so many different people, traveled to so many beautiful places and had so many amazing experiences. Like I said earlier, I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t doing hair.
6.) What advice would you give to someone thinking about cosmetology school?
At first, I didn’t realize how much time, heart, blood, sweat and tears it took to be in this industry. But I promise you, if you’re willing to work for it, it’s totally worth it in the end.

Kyle Miller

Master Stylist | JoiColor Systems Advisor
Day Salon
3775 Haley Drive, Suite A
Newburgh, IN 47630
Bus: 812.573.0075