2017 Career Fair Winners!

TSPA Evansville celebrated it’s 9th Career Fair on June 26, 2017.  It was a huge success with 42 salon professionals that represented 19 salon/spas that came to recruit our students and judge our student runway competition. We had 5 categories in our competition, Cosmetology Glamour-1st Place Sidney Adrens and 2nd Place Shelby O’Bryan, Cosmetology Fantasy-1st Place Alexis Myers and 2nd Place Jillian Schirtzinger, Cosmetology Makeup- 1st Place Jessican Auten and 2nd Place Jasmine Clement-Fakes, Esthetics Glamour Makeup-1st Place Brianne Updike and 2nd Place Leah Ashby, and Esthetics Fantasy Makeup-1st Place Jessica Sapp and 2nd Place Claudia Stremme.  Congratulations to all our winners and runners up!

Thank you to all of the Salon/Spa Professionals who came to show their support for our Academy and students!

Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.