Healthy Hair: The Unique Methodology of Prescribing Products

The best hairstylist does more than just style hair. They are the hair experts that their clients need, with the knowledge that can help a client obtain and maintain healthy hair. You’re the hair hero.

As a stylist, you understand the role of quality hair products, but your clients most likely won’t. Many salon clients see hair products as expensive add-ons to their hair styling appointments. So how can you convince a client that the products you use and sell will help them have a healthy head of hair? 

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand how to educate clients on the role of hair products in their hair health. 

Why Recommend Hair Products?

If you do not recommend products at your salon, your customers will ultimately buy them somewhere else. Clients who take the time to visit a quality salon will already have their go-to hair products. Unfortunately, most of those are sub-par compared to what you can offer them. 

The unhealthy hair you encounter wouldn’t happen if the clients were using quality products. When you become a cosmetologist, you have the responsibility of prescribing products for hair that will help your clients have healthy hair. Don’t dismiss this responsibility. 

Educate your clients on general hair health first, and then move into a product recommendation. When you do this, your clients will become walking advertisements for your salon and the products you recommend. Ultimately, you’ll see happy clients returning for business, and your business will grow. 

Have a Conversation

Product recommendation begins with a conversation about the client’s hair. Begin by talking to the client about scalp and hair health. Stress to them that you have one goal: to help them achieve a healthy head of hair. 

Focus on educating the client about healthy hair. Pour your knowledge of healthy hair into the client rather than simply recommending a product at first. Explain the condition of their hair and scalp at the time, and then offer them tips and techniques that will nourish and protect their hair and scalp.  

Prescribe a Daily Regimen

Once you’ve explained the current state of your client’s hair and scalp, move into recommending a daily regimen. Ask your client if they already have a daily routine. Listen to them carefully and encourage them as they explain what they currently do. 

Next, give clients a daily care prescription that includes the best products for their current hair condition. Explain how to use the products as well. 

Include the quantity of shampoo, the methods for sudsing up, and the products that will work for their hair condition. Recommend a method that works best for your client’s lifestyle. 

Teach your clients about protecting their hair from UV rays as well as humid climates. Finally, touch on how they can protect their hair as they sleep such as braiding longer hair or sleeping on satin pillowcases

Explain the Long Term Plan

Finally, prescribe a weekly treatment that includes deep conditioning their scalp and hair. Encourage your client to schedule their next trim and style so you can check on their hair health. 

Recommend Products to Produce Healthy Hair

As a stylist, you are now a hair expert in the eyes of your client. Don’t hesitate to recommend how a client can obtain healthy hair. Learn about the products that best help different types of hair, and then move forward with confidence to educate your clients. 

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